Brand Kit

Our logo is a distillation of who we are and what we do. An “F” for Flexpa combined with pixels that represent patient data.

Image of the Flexpa full logo

Download Full Logo (PNG) (SVG)


Image of the Flexpa symbol

Download Symbol (PNG) (SVG)


Our simple symbol works great at small sizes. Ideal for icons and avatars. Which is key for a product like ours that connects multiple APIs.


Image of the Flexpa dark avatars

Download Dark Square Avatar (PNG) (SVG)

Download Dark Squircle Avatar (PNG) (SVG)

Download Dark Round Avatar (PNG) (SVG)


Image of the Flexpa light avatars

Download Light Square Avatar (PNG) (SVG)

Download Light Squircle Avatar (PNG) (SVG)

Download Light Round Avatar (PNG) (SVG)