Patient access for claims, plans, and clinical data

Flexpa is the fastest way for your digital health app to connect to new Patient Access APIs. Medicare Advantage enrollees from Unitedhealthcare, Anthem, CVS Aetna, and Humana can permission access to third party applications.

Link patient and membership from any health plan source. Link health + healthcare data sources takes just one line of code with <FlexpaLogin />. Use one http interface to support queries to any SMART on FHIR API by combining Login + Gateway.

Try it yourself.

Why Flexpa?

  • Help patients help you by using Patient Access APIs to link their health plan when they onboard
  • Local development is easy - start prototyping immediately in a web app
  • Integrating Flexpa means supporting just one integration point instead of hundreds

Getting started

Try it yourself

You can quickly add a health plan login to any React application. You can create one of those with Next.js, create-react-app, or Remix.

Install @flexpa/login:

npm install --save @flexpa/login

Import the component and render it on a page:

import { FlexpaLogin } from "@flexpa/login"

export default <FlexpaLogin sandbox />

Note that for security reasons your application must be served from http://localhost:3000 to use sandbox mode.

Read more by following our guide to Onboard MA enrollees or Query a FHIR data source for health insurance info.