Health insurance carriers

Coordinate care for your high-risk populations sooner.

Get instant access to historical claims data to ensure continuity of care for your members.


Insurers lack timely, comprehensive patient data for effective continuity of care.

Health insurance carriers often rely on incomplete or outdated patient information from questionnaires, ADT networks, and Health Information Exchanges. These traditional methods lack the detailed data needed to accurately stratify risk, provide targeted care management, and ensure compliance with CMS regulations.


Flexpa delivers instant, comprehensive patient data for carriers.

Flexpa provides health insurance carriers with instant access to clean, uniform patient data, including detailed claims histories. This enables payers to identify high-risk members at enrollment, offer proactive care management, and get ahead of the payer-to-payer data exchange mandate.

Flexpa across the patient care journey: 

  • Identify high-risk members at the point of enrollment with detailed claims histories, enabling targeted health interventions and personalized care.
  • Facilitate better coordination between care providers, ensuring continuity of care and optimizing health outcomes.
  • Benefit from payer-to-payer data exchange mandated by CMS, ensuring a seamless transition to the official model when it becomes available in 2027.

Why Flexpa: 

One Integration vs Hundreds
We have connected to more health plans than any other solution in the market.
Simple and Easy Integration
Flexpa fits nicely within your existing workflows. Long gone are the days of on-site implementations and rollouts. Your patients authenticate access with ease while your backend does the rest.
Reliable and Expectable
As a developer-first company, we're committed to provide the most reliable and uniform technology solution for your team.

Say goodbye to healthcare's interoperability struggles. Integrate with Flexpa today.

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