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Flexpa Link is your single integration gateway to accessing patients' health data in the United States.

Powering healthcare, benefits, fintech, and more

With clean, timely, identified claims data from a patient's insurer, Flexpa can help you...

skim all use cases

Revolutionize Medicare advising

Personalized plan optimization, data-driven member retention, and enriched member portals for unparalleled service.

Broker software

Medicare brokers

Validate medical expenses

Seamless claims synchronization, error-free encoding, and frictionless updates for an enhanced user experience.

Bill negotiation

Financial assistance teams

Uplevel patient insights

Accelerated claims synchronization, error-free encoding, and real-time updates for unmatched cost-reduction insights.

Digital health apps

Provider organizations

Leverage patient access

Seamless claims synchronization, enhanced care coordination, and targeted benefits for high-risk populations.

Health insurance carriers

Flexpa shares Evidation's values of trust, transparency, and centering individuals and their lived health experiences.  Flexpa has helped us enable dynamic consent processes at scale and put study participants in control of their health data.

Stephanie Jones, Senior Vice President of Regulatory, Quality & Clinical, Evidation

Working with Flexpa has been a game-changer for us. Quick, friendly, and always on the ball – it feels like they're part of our team. They've made everything easier and more efficient.

Stephen Farber, CEO of HealthHive, PBC

Partnering with Flexpa has significantly enhanced our patient onboarding process at Curavit. Their innovative API technology provides precise, patient-consented access to claims data, drastically streamlining our recruitment process.

Joel Morse, Founder and CEO of Curavit

Access the largest network of CMS covered lives.

We spent the last few years building out our network to offer you a single integration with access to over 200 health plans. That's 143,000,000+ in CMS lives alone, with more coming online every day. That’s not all. Large payers like Anthem, Kaiser Permanente, and Healthfirst are already beginning to provide claims data from commercial plans as well.

If you've tried, you know that accessing claims data is rough.

The inconsistent, constantly broken flat files from your payer partners, phone calls and questionnaires you deal with, we've been there.

Turns out, standards... aren't so standard.

Payer implementations vary dramatically in authorization format, data structure, code systems, and more, requiring bespoke work for each new plan. With Flexpa, these variations are normalized to a single, consistent FHIR R4 format and standard API operations so you can connect once to the full spectrum of carriers available.

With Flexpa, accessing claims data is a breeze.

Flexpa replaces all these headaches with a simple out-of-the-box interface that’s familiar to your customers and completely secure. They can now share their claims data with you in seconds. Using our demo application, watch how we can walk through the full flow in only one minute.

Get started today with just 8 lines of code.

Our Quickstart helps you get a project with Flexpa running locally on your machine. Our test mode environment is populated with a robust suite of payers and test patients. Peruse the data, test your integration, all for free.

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A simple and transparent pricing model - Pay for what you use.

Gone are the days of hidden fees, anticipating one off implementation costs or deciphering black box pricing rubrics.

Flexpa has simple, sane, usage based pricing so you only pay for the calls you make. Put another way, that means there are no monthly minimums.

Starting at $2 per patient link with platform fee.

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