Legal discovery

Streamline subrogation and reduce your legal spend with instant access to claims


The current subrogation process is manual, time-consuming, and expensive

Insurers and attorneys spend countless hours and resources trying to uncover a claimant's full medical history to determine proper subrogation.

This typically involves:
- Deposing the claimant under oath to identify all prior treatment
- Canvassing hospitals and providers to find records
- Hiring subpoena companies to retrieve those records

This manual, labor-intensive process is highly inefficient and costly, often requiring duplicative efforts across multiple parties. There has to be a better way.


Flexpa puts comprehensive claims histories at your fingertips for instant discovery

Flexpa provides insurers and attorneys with on-demand access to a claimant's complete claims history. No more manual record retrieval.

With hundreds of payer connections, Flexpa can help you instantly pull explanation of benefits (EOBs), diagnoses, procedures, and provider data with the click of a button.

Flexpa transforms the subrogation process through:

- Instant, comprehensive data to assess subrogation potential
- Drastic reduction in time and cost spent on record retrieval
- Earlier, data-driven decisions on whether to subrogate
- Ability to retrieve updated records over time as a claim evolves

Flexpa across the subrogation lifecycle:

  • Intake & Evaluation: Pull complete claims histories upfront to evaluate subrogation potential and determine investigation strategy
  • Discovery & Depositions: Reference comprehensive records during claimant interviews to ensure thoroughness and identify any undisclosed treatment
  • Negotiations & Hearings: Leverage extensive documentation of prior diagnoses, injuries, and treatment to support subrogation arguments and calculations
  • Ongoing Monitoring: Continuously sync updated claims over the course of a claim to surface new data points and uncover any changes in treatment or condition

Why Flexpa: 

One Integration vs Hundreds
We have connected to more health plans than any other solution in the market.
Simple and Easy Integration
Flexpa fits nicely within your existing workflows. Long gone are the days of on-site implementations and rollouts. Your patients authenticate access with ease while your backend does the rest.
Reliable and Expectable
As a developer-first company, we're committed to provide the most reliable and uniform technology solution for your team.

Say goodbye to healthcare's interoperability struggles.

Integrate with Flexpa today.

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