Participant Engagement & Monitoring

Sourcing the right participants is half the battle.

Keeping them engaged throughout is the real challenge.

Connect to your participant’s health plan with Flexpa for ongoing access to clinical and claims data.


Monitoring outcomes requires effective  engagement strategies.  

Study sites and administrators have a need to monitor research outcomes throughout the study (and beyond) to gauge efficacy and monitor for any adverse events.

This challenge of engagement and tracking participant outcomes post-enrollment demands a solution that can provide ongoing, actionable insights throughout the study.


Ongoing connectivity to the health plan keeps your participant data up to date throughout the research study.

Flexpa offers the ability to monitor a participant’s longitudinal health record via their health claims. By subscribing to ongoing updates,

Flexpa can help organizations streamline their approach to participant engagement, streamline data capture, and monitor their research participants. This subscription-based approach to data capture ensures you remain informed throughout the study.

Flexpa for clinical research: 

  • Flexpa keeps study sponsors informed throughout the research by providing them and their participants with ongoing access to claims data insights.
  • With Flexpa, early detection of adverse or clinically significant events becomes the norm, not the exception, ensuring participant safety and research integrity throughout the research and beyond.
  • Leverage timely health data to make informed decisions about participant management, personalizing interventions to enhance research outcomes and participant satisfaction.
  • Flexpa’s standardized data ensures seamless integration with existing research management systems, EHRs, and clinical databases enhancing workflow efficiency and data interoperability.

Why Flexpa: 

One Integration vs Hundreds
We have connected to more health plans than any other solution in the market.
Simple and Easy Integration
Flexpa fits nicely within your existing workflows. Long gone are the days of on-site implementations and rollouts. Your patients authenticate access with ease while your backend does the rest.
Reliable and Expectable
As a developer-first company, we're committed to provide the most reliable and uniform technology solution for your team.

Say goodbye to healthcare's interoperability struggles.

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