Coordinate care for your high-risk populations sooner.


Uncovering high-risk conditions is risky business itself

Gathering insights about new patient populations is a challenging process due to the lack of data made available at the time of onboarding. Risk-bearing organizations need to identify potential care gaps on day 1 to ensure they're delivering the right care to their high-risk patients.


Identify care gaps with insights straight from the health plan

Flexpa helps risk-bearing organizations gather new insights with ease by providing structured clinical data straight from the health plan. Access a robust data set including historic EOBs, diagnoses, medications, care teams, procedures, and more to inform your care coordination efforts.

Flexpa across the patient care journey: 

  • Understand a patient's health care utilization with electronic explanation of benefits and reported encounters
  • Ensure continuity of care with medication dispense history, confirmed diagnoses, and list of providers
  • Inform your risk assessment process with historic and ongoing claims data.

Why Flexpa: 

One Integration vs Hundreds
We have connected to more health plans than any other solution in the market.
Simple and Easy Integration
Flexpa fits nicely within your existing workflows. Long gone are the days of on-site implementations and rollouts. Your patients authenticate access with ease while your backend does the rest.
Reliable and Expectable
As a developer-first company, we're committed to provide the most reliable and uniform technology solution for your team.

Say goodbye to healthcare's interoperability struggles. Integrate with Flexpa today.

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