medicare enrollment

Take a data-driven approach to Medicare plan selection


Matching clients with the right Medicare plan requires more than just a name and date of birth.

Brokers often grapple with limited access to comprehensive and actionable healthcare data, making it difficult to accurately assess and compare plan benefits against the individual health needs of their clients. Selecting the right plan requires a deep dive into the client's healthcare history, current medications, provider preferences, and utilization. Asking clients to gather all of this information is even harder.

This lack of readily available information leads to suboptimal plan choices, resulting in gaps in coverage, higher out-of-pocket costs, and diminished trust in the broker's expertise.


Flexpa transforms Medicare plan selection by equipping brokers with claims data to help select the best Medicare plan for each client.

By integrating Flexpa into your broker's enrollment solution, they gain instant access to a rich repository of healthcare data, including explanation of benefits, medication histories, provider networks, and diagnoses. This wealth of information empowers you to make informed, data-driven decisions, ensuring that every plan recommendation is backed by a deep understanding of their client's healthcare journey.

With Flexpa, you can confidently navigate the complexities of Medicare plan selection, delivering tailored solutions that enhance client satisfaction, foster long-term relationships, and elevate your professional credibility in the competitive Medicare brokerage landscape.

Flexpa across the client journey: 

  • Flexpa can power your Medicare recommendation engine with detailed historical claims data, allowing you to personalize and optimize the Medicare plan guidance you offer

  • Flexpa validates the existing Medicare plan that is active for a patient and includes a variety of clinical information related to that coverage
  • With Flexpa data, you can track usage year over year to build your data models and serve your patients more effectively

Why Flexpa: 

One Integration vs Hundreds
We have connected to more health plans than any other solution in the market.
Simple and Easy Integration
Flexpa fits nicely within your existing workflows. Long gone are the days of on-site implementations and rollouts. Your patients authenticate access with ease while your backend does the rest.
Reliable and Expectable
As a developer-first company, we're committed to provide the most reliable and uniform technology solution for your team.

Say goodbye to healthcare's interoperability struggles. Integrate with Flexpa today.

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